Here are a few hole-by-hole tips from our members on maximizing your enjoyment of our golf course.
We hope you’ll appreciate their insights…

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No. 1.

Our opening par 4 has a wide uphill fairway, with out-of bounds on the right.  But from the tee box you might be thinking, “Who put that tree in the middle of the fairway?” After the tree (at about 150 yards out) the fairway narrows and doglegs right.  An accurate approach is necessary to miss the opposing trees guarding the front of the green and the bunkers to the right and behind.

Hole 1-10 Fini

No. 2.

This par 3 leaves little room for error.  From the elevated tee, you’re faced with another tree to go over or around (the last one, we promise).  Miss right, you’re on a hill facing a tricky downhill wedge shot to a left-sloping green.  Miss left,  you have bunkers and the No. 3 tee box to contend with.   Lots of break on this green.

Hole 2-11 Fini

No. 3.

This hole is rated as our easiest par 4 for men.  For ladies, the pond you have to cross in front of the tee box is a little intimidating.   But hit a good drive (missing the trees lining both sides of this downhill fairway) and you are not only looking at your longest drive of the day, you’re thinking birdie!  Warning – the green slopes deceptively left.

Hole 3-12 Fini

No. 4.

This dogleg right par 4 has a wide fairway with an gradual uphill slope.  Miss the bunker on the right with your approach and DON’T go long, or you may find your first putt running all the way off the green.

Hole 4-13 Fini

No. 5.

Aim a little left on this par 3 to avoid the three bunkers down the right side.  The bad news?  If you make a hole-in-one here you probably won’t see it go in the cup, depending on placement of the tee boxes and the slope down the fairway.   But if you can’t find your ball when you get to the green, be sure to check the hole!

Hole 5-14 Fini

No.  6.

This downhill par 4 slopes left to right, with 3 separate tee boxes ranging from 334 to 264 yards.  Approach the uphill green to the left as everything breaks to the right.  A small but deep bunker guards the right side of the green.

Hole 6-15 Fini

No. 7.

This downhill straight away par 4 is our second longest hole.  Avoid the out-of-bounds to the left and the small (but hungry) pond to the right of the green, as well as the bunker in back.  This is one of our flattest greens, although you’ll still find plenty of break, depending on pin placement.

Hole 7-16 Fini

No. 8.

Our signature hole, this 400 plus yard mostly uphill par 4 for men (and par 5 for women) was once rated among the Top 10 toughest holes in Northern California by The Sacramento Bee.   DON’T be long – it’s a tough chip back down onto this “up-side-down saucer-like” green.  As you exit the green, take a moment to enjoy the panoramic view of our course and victorian-era clubhouse from this elevated spot before moving on to the next hole.

Hole 8-17 Fini

No. 9.

Finish up your round (or your last hole before making the turn) with a straight tee shot on this downhill par 4, or you’ll be challenged to make a good score.  The entire right side is out-of-bounds.  The trees on the left present lots of challenges or a few openings, depending on where you land.   Walk away thinking that Sam Whiting (who also designed The Olympic Club) was a great golf course architect!  And enjoy a cold beverage (or two, depending on how many three- putts you had on our challenging greens) in our historic Victorian Clubhouse.

Hole 9-18 Fini

Aerial View of Course


A passion, an obsession, a romance, a nice acquaintanceship with trees, sand and water.
Bob Ryan